How to judge an original Nespresso Coffee Capsule?

Nothing is more comforting than coffee when you are feeling tired and gloomy. A perfect cup of coffee ensures that you enjoy the same high-quality pleasure every time you sip it to relax. From the coffee beans to your machine, quality and sustainability are the most important things we all crave.

When talking about coffee, how can we ignore Nespresso? It is a big name in the coffee industry, and with its high-quality product, there comes a lot of responsibility and standards for the brand to maintain. Unfortunately, with many brands available in the market, it is easy for anyone to copy the original product; however, to curb this issue, we are here to share some important points that you can check before investing in original Nespresso Coffee Capsules.

What are Coffee Capsules?

Coffee powder is available in many forms. Be it paper bag, sachet, pods or capsules, all of them serves a different purpose. A coffee capsule is a form of coffee packed in a plastic or aluminium container/capsule instead of a paper filter. It is usually designed for use with a single brand or system and is therefore not interchangeable with other systems.

Each coffee capsule contains high-quality, specially-selected ground coffee from coffee-growing lands around the world. The coffee capsules from Nespresso are chosen and picked from the most quality beans and is a result of the efforts of 110,000 farmers worldwide who are committed as we are to cultivating these rare beans. All the Nespresso coffee machine reads the barcode on each capsule, and automatically adjust themselves to the perfect settings so that you can brew your favourite type of coffee.

Aluminium protects the freshness of Nespresso coffee and is infinitely recyclable. Plus, we have started out a new recycling program named Caracycle which makes recycling your capsules easy and convenient. With this initiative you can send us all your used Nespresso Capsules and get discount codes for your next purchase.

Each capsule comes with its own distinctive character and aroma that strikes a balance every time you sip it. You can take your pick from the wide variety of capsules from Nespresso at Caramelly. Caramelly is the only authentic online store to buy Nespresso® Capsules, Machines and other European Gourmet Beverages in India. We are also a community of Nespresso® connoisseurs as we import Nespresso® and other products from Germany and make sure we offer the best price for them in India. Thus, let’s make some purchase of authentic-original products from Caramelly today!

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