Nespresso Clique Est. 2018
Meet the Founders

The Trio which made it possible...

Saumya (a coffee connoisseur) and I Shivam (a techie) started the Nespresso India Community back in 2017 which gradually took shape of a venture which is now a gateway to discovering the world's best roasters, coffees and coffee machines.

Our super mom (Supriya) is the heart of this venture without whom you wouldn't be getting your orders in time.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Obsessed with Customers

Customer communication is handled by us. We don't want our customers to deal with boring robotic responses.

The Only Authentic Store

Most of the stores in India sell capsules which are resealed in new boxes as they have a bad best before dates or are inauthentic. On the other hand we procure capsules directly from Nespresso official distributors in Europe. All other Nespresso Compatible pods are directly procured from the respective brands.


Through our Caracycle initiative we send the aluminium pods to our recycling facility for its second life to make sure one less thing goes to our landfills. And help make our planet a cleaner, greener place!


Oct 2017

Nespresso India Community

Started a community on Instagram where we brought all Nespresso users in India together.

Nov 2018

Founded Caramelly

We kind of became an unofficial Nespresso of India with the entire range of pods and machines listed on our platform.

Jan 2020

International Collaborations

We noticed roasters all around the world putting beautiful coffees into pods but yet the options for high quality coffees were limited in India.

Oct 2021

Caramelly x Drinkmorning 🇸🇬

We became the Exclusive distributor of The Morning Machine in India.

March 2022

Caramelly x Lavazza 🇮🇹 

Partnered with Lavazza to distribute their Coffee range in India.

July 2022

Caramelly x Littles 🇬🇧

Exclusive partnership with UK's most loved Coffee Brand.

Dec 2022

Caramelly x JURA 🇨🇭

Partnered with JURA Switzerland to distribute their full range of Coffee Machines in India.

Feb 2023

Caramelly x T.Lamborghini 🇮🇹 

Exclusive partnership with world's most premium Coffee Brand.

July 2023

Caramelly x Expat. 🇮🇩

Partnered with Bali's #1 Coffee Roaster to distribute their pods in India.