Nespresso Clique Est. 2018
Meet the Founders

The Trio which made it possible...

I (Shivam) and Saumya, we started the Nespresso India Community which gradually took shape of a venture. We are based in Munich 🇩🇪 and export all things Nespresso® and Gourmet beverages (never seen before) to India.

Our super mom (Supriya) back in India 🇮🇳 supports us in logistics and is the heart of this venture without whom you wouldn't be getting your orders in time.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

Family-run and Operated

No seeding, no funding and no outsourcing. It's purely managed by the trio above.

The Only Authentic Store

Most of the stores in India sell capsules which are resealed in new boxes as they have a bad best before dates or are inauthentic. On the other hand we procure capsules directly from Nespresso EU Stores.

Obsessed with Customers

Till date it's either me or Saumya who handle customer support because we know no one else would be able to take care of you guys.

How It All Started

October 2018

Trip to India

Horrible experience with capsules we picked up from a store. Capsules were badly dented and were nearing their best before date.

February 2019


Started helping people with troubleshooting their Nespresso Machines and spare parts. It was a non-profit initiative.

August 2019

Capsules & Machines Import

We started importing Nespresso capsules and machines in India and offered them at lowest prices to the community members.

June 2020


Being a software engineer, I couldn't hold any longer but come up with a website for people to shop. (Till date I am the one writing all code for the website)

October 2021

Caramelly x Drinkmorning

We became the Exclusive distributor of The Morning Machine in India.