A Step towards Nature

Caracycle by Caramelly

Through this venture, we request you to send us your used Nespresso Capsules, instead of throwing it in the trash everyday. We send the aluminium to a recycling vendor for its second life.

For this initiative, we have partnered with matter.pods(an initiative by SCIFT), where apart from simple recycling, we’re also working on creating interesting sculpture with some of the aluminium, which will then be sold to raise funds to plant trees. As a further bonus, we send the coffee grinds to local farms where they use it to enrich the soil! All in all, the planet thrives :) The goal of Caracycle is to make sure one less thing goes to our landfills. And help make our planet a cleaner, greener place! 


Step 1

After brewing your Nespresso, collect used capsules

Step Two

Collect at least 100 used capsules and ship to our recycling facility. Also, please drop us a text on Whatsapp confirming the same

Step Three

Our partner will recycle the capsules sent by you

Step Four

Pat yourself for contributing towards a greener environment


We'll thank you with a Gift Card

How it benefits you, the Caracycler!

Small Cheer and great Welcomes makes a merry feast!

As a token of gratiude we will send you exclusive voucher that you can reedem on your next purchase .

Discovery of agriculture, The first step toward a civilized life!

Also, the coffee grinds from used capsules will be furrther sent to farmers to help them farm more sustainably.

REMEMBER your Duty towards Nature before its too LATE!

Last but not the least It will help reduce carbon footprint.

Recycling Facility:

Anglo French Drugs and Industries Ltd, Plot no. 4 Peenya Industrial Estate, Phase II, Near TVS Cross, Bangalore - 560058