1 Year Warranty

Melitta Latte Select Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

1 Year Warranty
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One Touch ahead!

With the LatteSelect, you are just one touch of a button away from perfect coffee enjoyment. The real-image colour display makes touch operation even more intuitive. Simply touch the sensor fields to start the preparation of your favourite coffee speciality. You can choose either from one of the twelve coffee recipes or try out and save one of your own special settings. The two-chamber bean container caters for individual tastes.

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Enjoy a range of coffee styles from short espressos to large cups, hot or ice, with or without milk.



(25 ml)



(40 ml)



(110 ml)


Flat White






Warm Milk Foam


Hot Milk

Machine Features

Enjoy excellent coffee

Our brewing process ensures optimal development of the coffee aromas and thus an excellent cup of coffee. The pre-brew function ("Pre-Infusion") briefly moistens the freshly ground coffee before the actual brewing process, before your coffee is brewed with an ideally matched contact time of water and coffee.

12 coffee recipes - originally prepared

Try these coffee options: Espresso, Café crème, Cappuccino, and Latte Macchiato. Find other choices like Flat White, Long Black, and Americano in the menu. Our "Italian process" follows a traditional recipe with the right ingredients added in order. For Latte Macchiato, we add Espresso after the milk and foam, but for Cappuccino, the order is reversed.

Individual pure enjoyment of coffee

Save and customize your unique coffee preferences for up to six people on this fully automatic espresso machine. Adjust coffee strength, grinding degree, temperature, and quantity to suit your personal taste. Use the "Double Cup" function to make two cups of coffee simultaneously.

Optimal coffee taste

Thanks to the 'Bean to Cup' function, only the required amount of beans is freshly ground and used for the selected coffee. For an even more intense espresso taste, it is prepared as standard with a more intense brewing profile, the \"IntenseAroma\" profile, without having to change the amount of coffee or water.

All-in-One outlet

Separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water ensure simple preparation of your favourite beverages without you having to move the cup. Additionally, the height of the outlet can be adjusted by up to 140 mm so tall latte macchiato glasses will fit, too.

Integrated tea function

In addition to the 12 preset coffee recipes, this fully automatic espresso machine also offers convenient options for preparing tea. Thanks to the four brewing temperatures for green, black, white, herbal and fruit tea, the optimal taste is always extracted from the tea. Simply select the type of tea you want and the water will be heated to the recommended temperature.

Cleaning milk system

The "Easy Steam Cleaning" function allows quick and hygienic cleaning of the milk conveying parts with hot water and steam after each preparation. In addition, they can be easily removed for even more intensive cleaning. The included milk container can be stored in the refrigerator and cleaned in the dishwasher.

Manual Bean Select

LatteSelect's two-chamber bean container offers manual selection of a variety of beans, such as mild or espresso. The Aromasafe® lid and dark tinting preserve freshness and flavor. A ground coffee chute is also available.


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