Melitta Latte Select Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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One Touch ahead 

With the LatteSelect, you are just one touch of a button away from perfect coffee enjoyment. The real-image colour display makes touch operation even more intuitive. Simply touch the sensor fields to start the preparation of your favourite coffee speciality. You can choose either from one of the twelve coffee recipes or try out and save one of your own special settings. The two-chamber bean container caters for individual tastes.

AAAI38_Touch bunt

Ease of Use

The touch surface of the sensor fields makes it easy to use. Step by step instructions on the high resolution TFT colour display guide you through the menu in a self-explanatory way.

AAAI38_12 Rezepte

12 Coffee recipes

Do you love variety? Your fully automatic coffee machine will fulfil many of your coffee wishes. Select the four classics – espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato – with just a light touch. Use the menu to make 8 other coffee specialities such as lungo, americano or espresso macchiato.

AAAI38_my coffee 6 profiles

My Coffee Memory

Your fully automatic coffee machine remembers your coffee preferences. With the „My Coffee Memory“ feature you can set your favourite coffee specialities without having to study computer science. And before other people at home or in the office get envious, you can share the convenience – your machine saves the personal preferences of up to six people.



The newly designed drip tray has a stainless steel drip plate with an integrated high-quality anti-scratchplastic insert.

AAAI38_leises Mahlwerk

Whisper quiet grinder

The LatteSelect is characterised by an ultra quiet grinder that uses a particularly low-noise grinding process. This will allow you to enjoy the preparation of your coffee in peace.

AAAI_36_It Prep Proc

Italian Preparation Process

The Italian preparation process ensures an authentic taste as the ingredients are combined in the right order using an original Italian recipe. This means that, for latte macchiato, the espresso is added after the milk and the milk froth. For cappuccino, it is exactly the opposite.

AAAI24_aromatischer Kaffeegenuss

Aromatic Coffee Enjoyment

The new pump control system enables an ideal contact time between the water and coffee. You can now enjoy the two coffee classics of espresso and café crème with even better developed coffee aromas.

AAAI38_Mahlgrad und Kaffeestärke

Brewing strength and grinding fineness

For individual tastes, the brewing strength can be adjusted to 4 settings and the grinding fineness to 5 settings.

AAAI36_Man Bean Sel

Manual Bean Select

Different coffee beans are required to prepare the large number of coffee specialities and guarantee the best possible taste experience. This is why the LatteSelect features the two-chamber bean container with the manual bean select function that allows you to choose, for example, either fine mild coffee beans or aromatic and strong espresso beans. The Aromasafe® lid and the dark tinting of the container retain the aroma of the coffee beans. There is also a separate ground coffee chute for ground coffee.

AAAI_36_One Touch

One Touch Feature

Espresso, Café Crème, Cappuccino and Latte macchiato can be selected with just one touch. Warm milk, frothed milk or hot water are also available easily and conveniently with One Touch.

AAAI_36_Double Cup

Double Cup Mode

It‘s better together – with the Double Cup Mode you can simultaneously prepare two cups of many coffee specialities with or without milk. Also good for those who drink a lot of coffee of course.


All-in-One outlet

Separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water ensure simple preparation of your favourite beverages without you having to move the cup. Additionally, the height of the outlet can be adjusted by up to 140 mm so tall latte macchiato glasses will fit, too.

AAAI_36_Entnehmb Brüh

Removable brewing unit

The whole brewing unit can be removed and is easy to clean. This makes the inside of the machine accessible too, so it can also be cleaned without problem.

AAAI_36_Easy Steam Cl

Easy Steam Cleaning

Fast and hygienic – each time you make a drink with milk, your fully automatic machine offers to clean the parts in contact with milk. At the press of a button hot water and steam start cleaning thoroughly.

AAAI_36_Plug-in Milk

Plug in milk system

The milk system with its external, dishwasher-safe milk container is easy to remove and fits in any fridge. The separate milk unit in the outlet also ensures cleanliness, as it is separate from the coffee system. It too is easy to remove and clean.

AAAI_36_Auto Clean

Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Communication is everything. Your fully automatic coffee machine informs you on the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled.

AAAI38_Wasserfilter Technologie

Pro Aqua Filter technology

If you use a Melitta® Pro Aqua water filter, the LatteSelect will only need to be descaled once per year. The filtered water improves the coffee quality and taste while also preventing limescale deposits in the water circuit. (Information based on 120 ml cup fill level with 6 dispensing operations per day and the filter being changed 6 times in accordance with the appliance specification.)

• Melitta LatteSelect Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

• Dimensions (H x W x D) 345mm x 255mm x 475mm

• Weight 9.3kg

• Pump pressure 15 bar

• Water tank capacity 1.8 L

• Cup warmer

• Milk frothing automatic

• Adjustable grind

• Adjustable coffee strength

• One Touch-Milk-Function Milk Foam System

• Number of boilers 1

• Adjustable coffee temperature (85 °C / 90 °C / 95 °C)

The Machine comes with 1 Year Warranty in India.

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