De'Longhi ECAM 650.85.MS PrimaDonna Elite Fully Automatic Coffee Machine with TFT Display

Rs. 186,190 Rs. 231,290


This fully automatic coffee machine from Delonghi comes with Cappuccino system which combines steam, air and milk producing creamy froth. The unique thermo-block system maintains an ideal and constant temperature for coffee brewing and delivers coffee with fresh and authentic Italian taste. The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee.

Compact bean-to-cup machine, press a button and rotate the knob to customize your favourite coffee. Equipped with a manual cappuccino device ideal to produce a rich froth for your cappuccino, comes with a cup holder and water filter.

The De'Longhi machine comes with 19 bars of pressure, which helps grinding your coffee beans and exerting the concentrated pressure to get that delicious espresso that charges you right up. For making an authentic Italian espresso the pressure should be powerful enough, so it can delight the espresso enthusiasts.

The thermoblock technology, makes the coffee maker energy efficient and saves time, it sets your coffee maker to deliver double shots of expressos one after another while maintaining the perfect temperature.

Discover infinite personalization and receive unlimited advice and corrections to create new semi-automatic recipes. Personalization with up to 6 user profiles and up to 10 programmed beverages.

A perfect blend of steam, air and milk which makes creamy and frothy cappuccinos.

Get 2 cups of espresso coffee brewed in a single brewing cycle.

Brews 10 cups of filter coffee with the help of drip and espresso water filter and permanent coffee filter.

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