1 Year Warranty

Caramelly FoamLatte Pro 4-in-1 Milk Frother (Hot & Cold) with Digital Display, Touch Panel, Temperature Control & Chocolate Stirring Attachment - New 2024 Model

1 Year Warranty
₹5,999 ₹7,999

Froth your milk, your way!

Introducing a cutting-edge milk frother designed for precision brewing, this advanced appliance boasts a real-time temperature display for optimal control during frothing. With its versatile 4-in-1 functionality, it caters to various preferences—whether it's warm thin foam for lattes, warm thick foam for cappuccinos, cold thick foam for iced coffee, or a dedicated accessory for crafting rich hot chocolate.

Offering flexibility, it features four temperature settings to accommodate diverse beverage choices. With a generous large capacity, this frother is ideal for both individual and group servings, making it a must-have for those seeking a sophisticated and comprehensive solution for their coffee and hot chocolate creations.

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Enjoy a range of coffee styles from short cappucinos to large cups, hot or ice, with milk.






Latte Macchiato


Warm & Cold Milk Foam

Machine Features

Real-time Temperature Display

The milk frother is equipped with a real-time temperature display, allowing users to monitor and control the temperature of the milk during the frothing process for precision brewing.

Rich and Frothy Foam

The frother is designed to produce rich and frothy foam, providing the perfect texture for intricate coffee art.

4 in 1 Functionality

This milk frother allows control for different types of milk froth.This advanced milk frother offers versatile frothing options, including warm thin foam for lattes, warm thick foam for cappuccinos, and cold thick foam for iced coffee or chilled beverages, and hot chocolate with exclusive accessory. Tailor your coffee experience with precision, achieving the perfect texture for various drink preferences.

Exclusive Accessory for Hot Cocoa

Enhancing its functionality, this advanced milk frother comes with an exclusive accessory tailored for crafting indulgent hot cocoa. Elevate your beverage repertoire with the perfect combination of rich frothy foam and decadent hot chocolate for a truly delightful experience.


  • Weight

    ~800 gm

    5.4 x 21 cm


  • Chocolate Stirring Attachment
  • Caramelly FoamLatte Pro Milk Frother
  • 1 year warranty


Do I get a warranty in India?

Yes, you get 1 year warranty.

Can I use all types of milk?

For optimal milk froth, use whole or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerated temperature (about 4-6°C). It is highly recommended not to use special enriched milk, powdered reconstituted milk or flavored kinds of milk.

Is the frother 220v and compatible with Indian sockets?

Yes, all frothers listed on Caramelly are 220v and compatible with Indian sockets just like any other electrical appliance bought from India.

Should I use a stabilizer as the voltage supply at my place fluctuates?

Yes, please use a Voltage Stabilizer to protect your Milk frother from unwanted electricity fluctuations.

Warranty is not applicable if there’s a damage to the PCB due to voltage fluctuations.

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