Caramelly Double Walled Latte Glass - Pack of 2 (250 ml each)

₹1,999 ₹2,999

An Elegant Way To Enjoy Your Coffee!

These double walled coffee mugs are perfect for cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato, tea, juice, iced beverages, or smoothies. Each cup holds 250 ml. Available in set of 2.

Insulated Design For Perfect Drinking Temperature

The sleek, sophisticated double layered glass insulates your drink keeping it hot or cold longer while the outside stays comfortable to your touch allowing you to embrace your drink while you sip at your drink's ideal temperature.

Quality Glassware Stands Up To Daily Use

Our clear glass lungo cups are made of lead-free high quality handmade borosilicate-glass. Microwave, and fridge safe. The glasses have a nice feel in your hand and are amazingly durable and suitable for everyday use. They clean completely leaving no residue from a previous drink.

Stunning European Inspired Design

The double-walled design of the glassware creates a beautiful, suspended-liquid illusion that makes your drink look like it is suspended in air. Elevate your morning cup of coffee or tea from the same old boring routine to a luxurious experience. These sleek high-end glasses will suit restaurants, cafes, work, and home where classic design and elegance make an impressive statement. Enjoy!.

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