Caffenu® Descaling & Cleaning Kit For Nespresso® OriginalLine Machines (5 Capsules + 2 Doses Descaling)

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The Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit was developed to conveniently clean & maintain your Nespresso® Original coffee machine, ensuring proper machine performance and quality coffee.

It’s easy to take care of your Nespresso® Original capsule machine with this complete maintenance kit. Enjoy a machine with increased lifespan and performance. Watch this video for easy step-by-step instructions.

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Insert capsule, close machine & press Espresso button to brew.

Wait 1 minute. Press Lungo button to brew again.

[If your machine automatically ejected the capsule, simply re-insert (Caution: Hot!) and press button for large cup.]

Eject and dispose of the cleaning capsule.

Caution: Capsule is hot after extraction.

Close machine and press Lungo button twice to rinse.
Discard solution.

Top Tip! Use cleaning solution to soak your drip tray and capsule basket.

Understanding Caffenu: The Difference

What are Caffenu Cleaning Capsules?

Maintain your Nespresso® Original coffee machine with the Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit. This kit helps remove unwanted build-up and increase machine lifespan and performance. It is also eco-friendly and perfect for switching between different types of beverages. Recommended use is after every 30 cups or at least once a month. Descaling should be done every 2-4 months.

Why Caffenu Cleaning Capsules?

Prevent bacteria growth and foul smells in your Nespresso® OriginalLine machine with Caffenu® Descaling & Cleaning Kit. Regular flushing with hot water and vinegar is not enough - trust our specially formulated products for optimal maintenance and hotter, better tasting coffee.


Deep clean your Nespresso Original

Clean the brew chamber, spout & nozzle of your Nespresso Original with Caffenu cleaning capsules to remove coffee oils & germs in seconds. To remove limescale & rust, also descale regularly.

Poor, slow coffee flow?

Every time you make a coffee, a layer of oily coffee residue builds up. When the washer plate gets blocked, little coffee can pass through. Use a Caffenu cleaning capsule to remove residue instantly.

Coffee not as hot as usual?

The back part of your machine requires descaling. Use the Caffenu Eco descaler to remove limescale and rust build-up around the thermoblock, pump, and pipes. That way your coffee stays hot and fresh.

Coffee tasting bad or bitter?

The nozzle & spout of your Nespresso can be badly affected by dirty coffee sludge, odors, and germs. The unique foaming action of the cleaning capsule cleans these impossible-to-reach areas.


Using a cleaning capsule and using a descaler on your machine are not the same thing. Cleaning and descaling are two entirely different processes that clean completely different parts on your coffee machine and also remove different, unwanted build-ups.

The cleaning capsule cleans the front part of your machine and removes old coffee oils out of the brewing chamber of your machine. The descaler on the other hand works only on the back part, removing limescale and calcium deposits from your machine’s internal components.

The truth is, both processes are required for your coffee machine to function optimally, so don’t skip a step.

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