Saeco Xelsis Suprema SM8889 Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, 22 Coffee Varieties, 7.8" Touch Screen, 8 User Profiles, WiFi Connectivity, Stainless Steel

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A master blend of 22 personalized delicious beverages and intuitive BeanMaestro technology for a uniquely tailored experience.


BeanMaestro automatically adjusts brewing settings to get the very best flavor and aroma from your chosen coffee beans. Simply select the type and roast of your beans and let BeanMaestro do the rest. 


With its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, you can discover more than 12 new inspirational coffee varieties⁴ on top of 22 classic beverages. Your Saeco appliance will update with trendy seasonal special recipes to enrich your coffee experience. With synchronized step- by- step instructions, your appliance will guide you in brewing your crafted coffee, tailored to your taste.


With its built-in Wi-Fi connectivity³ your Xelsis machine can download and install new content including seasonal coffee recipes, videos, brewing tutorials and more…; create personalized recommendations and coffee-making tips based on your unique coffee style thanks to Smart Assistant function; automatically stay up-to-date with the latest software; ensure you never run out of cleaning supplies (where available).


Check your machine and cleaning status easily through the color-coded intuitive dashboard on the display. The dashboard will give you a helpful overview and notify you with status information on things like your water level or if the AquaClean is running low. 


Create your own favorite recipe with CoffeeEqualizer Touch⁺. Personalize your coffee to your precise taste preferences by customizing the strength, coffee and milk volume, temperature, taste, amount of milk foam, and even the order of the coffee and milk. If desired, you can use the ExtraShot function to boost the coffee intensity.


Discover a world of coffee to delight every craving and match any mood, with 22 delicious varieties to choose from. From more familiar recipes such as Espresso and Cappuccino, to specialty coffees like Italian Espresso Macchiato and Flat White. 


Savor finely crafted coffee at home thanks to the professional-grade ceramic grinder. Made with 100% ceramic to be exceptionally hard and precise, and last for at least 20,000 cups of delicious, freshly ground coffee. Easily adjust the grinder to your taste with 12-step levels.


Everyone’s custom coffee favorites can be saved in up to 6/8 user profiles for instant selection on the high-resolution touch display. Easily personalize each profile down to the finest detail.


Prepare and enjoy single or double servings of your favorite coffee recipe with just one touch, including Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato.


Enjoy a dense, silky milk foam—with dairy milk and plant-based alternatives—thanks to our LattePerfetto technology and the external milk carafe. When using plant-based milk alternatives with the right amount of fat and protein, LattePerfetto will deliver the best possible dense foam.


Effortlessly personalize your perfect cup with CoffeeMaestro. Simply select your desired taste profile from 3 pre-sets - Delicato, Intenso, Forte. The machine automatically adjusts the brewing settings like strength, coffee volume and pre-wetting time, to serve you just the right taste.


AquaClean is our patented water filter, designed to improve the quality of your coffee with purified water and prevent scale build-up within the machine. Make up to 5000¹ cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.


HygieSteam technology maintains your machine effortlessly, with an innovative cleaning system that automatically removes 99.9% of microorganisms². 


The transparent AromaSeal bean container at the top of the machine puts your finest coffee beans on show. The container stores up to 450g of fresh coffee beans with a special seal to ensure long-lasting freshness. 

Saeco Xelsis Suprema Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

• 22 classic bevarages and more then 12 new inspirational seasonal coffee varieties updated annually⁴

• BeanMaestro technology automatically adjusts brewing settings

• Personalized recommendations via “smart assistant” function (application of AI)

• 7.84’’ color touchscreen display

• HygieSteam maintains your machine effortlessly

• Weight - 12 kg

• Capacity - 5 Liters

• Product Dimensions (DxWxH) - ‎28.7 x 48.7 x 39.6 cm

• Material - Stainless Steel

• Made in Italy

• 220v

1 Year Warranty in India

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