Nespresso Aeroccino3 Coffee Machine (Milk Frother)

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Color: Red
Nespresso milk frother

The Aeroccino3 is an automatic and amazingly simple system for preparing a creamy - cold or warm - milk foam.

Just fill in the milk and press the button. Within a few seconds, without noise or vibration, the Aeroccino prepares a wonderful milk foam with which you can realize countless recipe ideas depending on the season. The Aeroccino can also be used to heat milk for your Caffè Latte.Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Electric Milk Frother (Black) | Kitchen Stuff Plus

Maximum capacity for preparing milk foam: 120 ml; for warming milk: 240 ml.
Mains operated, diameter: 9 cm; Height: 17 cm.

Nespresso milk frother with 3 styles of preparation and a single touch button

The Aeroccino3 Black brings back the retro look of Nespresso Aeroccinos. This milk frother makes hot milk foam, hot milk, or cold froth, to help you prepare your favorite coffee beverage recipes at home in a simple way.
Maximum capacity: if preparing milk froth, 4oz | if preparing hot milk, 8oz
Nespresso milk frother review: Aeroccino 3 is a coffee game-changer -  Reviewed


  • Milk should be as fresh and cold as possible (milk close to expiring will not froth well)
  • Protein content should be high as protein allows milk to froth. Shake the carton before attempting to froth to evenly distribute the proteins
  • Fat content creates differences in the foam quality
  • - low fat creates dry, stiff foam
  • - high fat creates wet, silky foam
  • - both are fine, it just depends on preference
  • UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment) boxed milks tend to yield very good results; however, it is suggested to immediately put the milk in the fridge, so it can get cold
  • Milk that has been frozen will not froth
  • Conventional and organic milk should work equally well, as long as the milk is fresh and cold
  • Cow's milk works best. Alternative milks can be attempted, but there is no guarantee that they will yield results

• Nespresso Aeroccino3 Coffee Machine

• Dimensions (Overall): 7.75 Inches (H) x 4.5 Inches (W) x 4.5 Inches (D)

• Weight: 2.06 Pounds

• Capacity (Volume): 8 Ounces

• Cup Capacity: 1

• Includes: Clear Lid

• Wattage Output: 550 watts

•Material: Stainless Steel

• Power Source: Electric

• Battery: No Battery Used

We cover dead on arrival scenarios and issue a No-Questions-Asked Replacement.

A Nespresso machine is robust enough to last several years provided you descale it every 300 pods. But it's an electronic appliance after all, so we came up with Caramelly Care+ plan to cover for any servicing and repairs required for 1 year in India.

Feel free to bundle it up with your machine purchase.

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