Sweet & Wild berry

Intensity 8

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Americas Lungo Coffee Capsules

Sweet & Wild berry

Intensity 8
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Lungo (110ml)

Enjoy With Milk


Wild Berry



Who are the three amigos behind NESCAFÉ Lungo 3 Americas? Costa Rican, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan farmers are the powerhouse behind this cup of goodness. They make the most of the high altitudes, rich soils and varied microclimates to deliver an incredible blend. Nuttiness meets a hint of smokiness in a long cup begging for adventure.

The ones who make life taste better

Let the Latin taste adventure take off with a NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - 3 Americas Lungo coffee capsule today. The three amigos who poured passion into this coffee blend are Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, and Costa Rican farmers. Each of these three coffee lands stands out, but they do share the commitment to good taste and high quality. They’ve also got volcanoes in common, and it’s a coffee grower’s dream to have fertile volcanic soils.

NESCAFÉ® 3 Americas Lungo is a taste adventure blending three Central American origins into one delicious long cup. A worthy player in the NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins range, its enticing smoky notes and delicious nutty aroma come as a coffee intensity 8. 

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