Melitta CAFFEO® Passione® OT Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

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Coffee at it’s best!

The CAFFEO® Passione® OT allows you to create your favourite coffee at the push of a button. From latte macchiato, café crème, cappuccino, espresso, ristretto, lungo or other - you have coffee specialities, frothed milk and hot water all in one.

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Enjoy a range of coffee styles from short espressos to large cups, hot or ice, with or without milk.



(25 ml)



(40 ml)



(110 ml)


Flat White






Warm Milk Foam


Hot Milk

Machine Features

10 coffee specialities

Thanks to the product buttons you can make the 4 classics - espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato at the push of a button. The recipe book feature lets you create 6 more coffee specialities: Ristretto, Lungo, Americano, Espresso macchiato, Caffè latte, Café au Lait.

All-in-One outlet with LED illumination

The All-in-One outlet with two nozzles for coffee and one nozzle for milk, frothed milk and hot water means you don’t have to move your cups around. The pleasant LED illumination shows your favourite coffee in the right light. Height adjustable to 135mm so even tall latte macchiato glasses have enough space.

Auto Clean & Descaling

The Caffeo® Passione® shows in the display when it needs to be cleaned or descaled. The cleaning and descaling programmes are easy to call up in the menu.

Best Aroma System

Aromasafe® seal preserves coffee's aroma. Bean to Cup feature grinds only needed amount. Grinder stops when empty to avoid mixing bean types. A.E.S. pre-brewing enhances flavor.

Double Cup Mode

Make two cups of coffee or espresso simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Easy Steam Cleaning

As well as the integrated programme to thoroughly clean the milk system, the Easy Steam Cleaning allows you to quickly and hygienically clean in between times: The parts in contact with milk are cleaned with hot water and steam - if you wish after each time you make a coffee or you can call it up separately in the menu.

Original Preparation Process

Barista Know-how: To make coffee in the original way, the order of the ingredients is decisive. For example the espresso in a latte macchiato is only added after the milk and frothed milk thus creating a fine layer between them.

Removable brewing unit

The removable brewing unit guarantees you constant perfect coffee enjoyment. It is easy to remove and rinse under running water. So no coffee residue remains to affect the taste of your coffee.


  • Weight

    ~8.3 kg

    ‎25.3 x 38 x 40.5 cm
  • Capacity

    270g Bean Hopper, 1.2L Water Tank
  • Construction Materials

    Stainless Steel
  • Grinder

    Whisperquiet grinder
  • Milk Texturing

    Automatic milk texturing
  • Interface

    TFT Colour-Display and touch


What is the delivery timeline for Melitta Machines?

Machine is shipped the next working day after getting your order. Should reach you within 2-5 days.

Do I get warranty in India?

Yes, you get a 1 year warranty.

How often do you have to descale the machine?

You need to descale it once a year. It has an auto descaling system.


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