Melitta CI Touch Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Rs. 179,000.00 Rs. 189,000.00


The Melitta CI Touch is an all round talent among fully automatic coffee machines. Numerous international coffee specialities can be made with a simple touch. Exclusive functions such as the two chamber bean container ”Bean Select“, which allows you to always select the right type of coffee beans, an elegant design, a quiet as a whisper grinder and an intuitive use make it a pleasure for all of your senses.

  • Touch Screen machine
  • Touch and slide for coffee strength and coffee volume
  • 2 Bean hoppers [135 g each] + Ground coffee chute
  • 1 + 4 user sets
  • 18 coffee recipes
  • Excellent/consistent quality of espresso & milk foam
  • One-Touch operation for beverages
  • Easy and Automatic Cleaning procedure

Things You Need To Know

One Touch

The CI Touch impresses because it is so easy to use.The preset coffee varieties espresso, café crème, cappuccino and latte macchiato can be selected with just one touch.You can also select warm milk, frothed milk or hot water really simply and conveniently with One Touch.

Manual Bean Select

To perfectly prepare numerous coffee specialities, different types of coffee beans are needed to ensure the best possible taste experience.Therefore the CI Touch® has a two-chamber bean container called "Bean Select" (manual selection), which depending on the recipe and personal taste allows you to select mild coffee beans or strong aromatic espresso beans for example.The Aromasafe lid and the tinted container also help preserve the flavour of the coffee beans.The integrated ground coffee chute also gives you the opportunity to use coffee which is already ground.

PRO AQUA Filter Technology

If you use a Melitta Pro Aqua Water filter then the CI Touch® only needs to be descaled once a year.The filtered water not only improves the quality and the flavour of your coffee, but also prevents limescale deposits building up in the water system.(This is based on brewing six 120 ml cups of coffee a day and changing the filter six times in accordance with the appliance specifications.)

Quiet as a Whisper Grinder

You want to enjoy making your coffee in peace? This is no problem with the quiet as a whisper grinder, it is not only quiet but also especially quick.

Double Cup Mode

With Double Cup Mode you can make two cups of numerous coffee specialities with or without milk at the same time.

All-in-One Outlet

Separate nozzles for coffee, milk and hot water mean it is easy to make your favourite drink without moving the cup.The outlet also has integrated LED illumination and is height adjustable up to 140 mm, so there is space even for tall latte macchiato glasses.

Removable Brewing Unit

The brewing unit is practical, easy to remove and easy to clean.This also allows the inside of the machine to be cleaned.

Easy Steam Cleaning

Quick and hygienic cleaning of the parts in contact with milk, using hot water and steam.

• Melitta CI Touch Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

• Dimensions (H x W x D) 345 mm x 255 mm x 475 mm

• Weight ca 9.3kg

• Pump pressure 15 bar

• Water tank capacity 1.8 L

• Cup warmer

• Milk frothing automatic

• Number of bean hoppers 2

• Adjustable grind

• Adjustable coffee strength

• Number of boilers 1

• Adjustable coffee temperature (85 °C / 90 °C / 95 °C)

• External milk container

The Machine comes with 1 Year Warranty in India.

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