Nespresso Special Reserve Galapagos Coffee Capsules

Rs. 1,699

A rich biodiversity marks the Equator-straddling Galapagos Islands. The volcanic soils and the cooler climate created by cold, wet ocean winds also contribute to ideal coffee-growing conditions.

In EXCLUSIVE EDITION GALAPAGOS, you'll catch sweet cereal and biscuit notes coursing through this full-bodied espresso. A hint of cocoa bitter note marks this coffee's roasted character.


Result of an unusual growing environment, Galapagos espresso yields high-altitude sweetness in a low-growing fruit, nurtured by phenomenal biodiversity.

We roast this single origin coffee in two splits. The first split kept to a medium dark roast, neither too long or too short to achieve a balanced result, or "sweet spot" The second split is slightly shorter to preserve the coffee's finesse.

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