Chiara Ferragni Cup

Rs. 1,999
The Nespresso x Chiara Ferragni limited edition coffee mug is designed in tempered glass, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature through every sip.

It complements all your drink desires, from your favorite iced coffee to the most indulgent milk recipes. Playfully patterned with Chiara’s iconic winks and exclusive Nespresso monograms, it’s more than just a cup, it’s the perfect summer accessory.

Chiara’s wink: The best thing about see-through coffee cups is the view! Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of your drink, whether it be the indulgent crema, the intense color, the light froth or the translucid ice cubes… It’s so soothing!

Cup dimensions: height ca. 11 cm, Ø 8 cm
Overflow capacity: ca. 390 ml
Dishwasher resistant

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