We, at Caramelly, breed love for finesse. We find our hometown in Delhi, India and home-as of now in Munich, Germany. It's our heredity that makes us naturally inclined to intersections of food and fine. 

This journey that began out of a hard love for coffee aims to take ‘Unprecedented Gourmet Beverage’ which is still under-explored to the much underdog- Indian market. India, as a nation, loves food and more so, spending on good food. Since, we understand consumption patterns pretty well, we plan to make a shelf for ourselves in the premium kitchens of the country and onto their taste buds through hot & cold beverages- that become a daily habit through a B2C e-commerce model. 

In a matter of a year, we have made our way into the kitchens of famous B-town celebrities and national sportsmen, and count over 2000 clients in 18 states. 

We aim to take this far and wide and hence want to partner with brands like yours that cater to our niche of - ‘gourmet’, ‘unprecedented in India’and ‘habituating beverages’.

We personally love the taste of Ronnefeldt teas and understand that they have a huge potential in the Indian market. We’d, hence, like to get you onboard alongwith Nespresso and propose to you for giving Caramelly.in the exclusive partnership rights for India. 

Looking forward to climbing up the ladder together and ally for a lifetime! Let us know if you think the way we do.